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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Cygnar WIP Part I

Well, I started the Cygnar Battlegroup last night. With it being a work day I didn't have much time to work on it. Overall I am fairly pleased, I just need to find me a highlighting color that is just a smidge lighter than what I am using for the base - Which is Vallejo Model Color Royal Blue. If anyone knows of a good shade let me know in the comment section below. Otherwise its a trip to a few FLGS's to see what they have. So, enough blabbering - here it is. Let me know what you think for a few hours work.

Clearly after looking at the pic, I have some touch up on the rivets to hit with the wash again. Also, I need to touch up on the blue which I can do with the blue I have now.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Getting my feet wet...

 Well, as time has gone by on Warmachine Mk. II I have been keeping my eye on it.  Giant robots smashing the hell out of each other really is apealing to me so I finally took the plunge. This past weekend I purchased:

  • Warmachine Prime Mk. II Softcover
  • The Template Set
  • The Khador Battlegroup
  • The Cygnar Battlegroup
  • The Cryx Battlegroup
Shiny new boxes begging to be assembled!

Now that I had a few starter armies I suckered my brother, who was at the house for Thanksgiving, into giving it a try. We played five or six games and after it was all said and done I decided I liked Khador and Cygnar the best. So on Sunday I sat down and painted  up the Khador box set. Nothing too fancy, I just wanted a decent table top quality. Also, if you have ever seen my stuff on DakkaDakka you will know that I usually try for a very clean no dirt paint style. I wanted quick with a lot of what is normally painstaking work to be done by washes.

So here is the battlegroup:

Lots of block painting, simple highlighting and super quick blending. One thing I noticed that I was rather disappointed in was all the old warjacks there was a Khador symbol raised on the model where I free-handed mine. Not a deal breaker just disappointing that they would remove a nice detail like that.

Now for some close up shots:

Warcaster Sorscha

I did spend a tiny bit more time on her than the other two, picking out a few more details but again - super quick. Overall I am pleased, but if I had it to do over I would have block painted her face black first and raised up the detail from that instead of relying on the wash. It worked but not to the extent that I really desired.

Don't you know who I am?
 Actually the first model out of the group. Really pleased with him considering from start to finish I spent maybe 2 hours on him. Anything to redo? I would paint his lower legs red instead of leaving them gray. One thing that is kind of obvious to all on the way I paint - I do NOT like the look of metallics. But I am not good enough to do a convincing NMM so here is the result. I paint in gray tones.

Finally we have the Destroyer. Another super simple model. I made the wash do all the work. Its just Rust-oleum Auto primer grey with Vallejo Model Color Uniform Red. And GW Badab Black Wash. Also used Vallejo Scarlet to highlight the red and Light Grey on the primer.

  So, thats all she wrote for this post. Please join my blog and tell me what you think. Up next is the Cygnar battlegroup and I am trying to arrange a learning game from my local press ganger and I hope to take some pictures of it for you as well.

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Greetings World

So, after many years of painting mini's from far to many different game systems to really count I am finally joining the blogosphere. Having played 40K since its birth, Fantasy during a few editions, Malifaux, Warlord, and now I am getting interested in Warmachine and Hordes. Here I hope to track my progress both in collecting but more so painting this fine game.