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Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy new year! And what I have been painting of course.

Oh man... over a week at the in-laws and I exhausted. Its not so bad when its just a day or two but from the 23rd until today is just too much. My son is bouncing off the walls from so much sugar and my wife can't go ten minuted without an "We are NOT doing that next year". But on the good side I managed to get some painting done in between the free computer tech service to the entire extended family and the father in law's comments relating to how I went from the Army to playing with army men...

Anywho, on with the figs! First up I guess I should show the finished Hammersmith since I did some WIP pics earlier.

One thing I have noticed in painting my first metal warjack over the plastic. The plastics are nice to work with and are very detailed - but the metal ones are FAR more detailed.

Next we have my UA for the Long Gunner's. I did some super quick highlighting on the flag - but since I know it will be a focal point any ways I wanted it to look half way decent.

Next up are some Khador love. First up for them is a minimum unit of Iron Fang Pikemen. These were fun to paint and the quickest out of all of them. Vallejo Model red over a grey primer. Reaper Tarnished Brass and the pikes are Vallejo German Grey. Heavy heavy GW black wash and finally a careful highlighting with red again. As a unit I think they look pretty imposing. I think I need to get some Man O War's and paint them the same way.

Finally we have the unit of Widowmakers I mentioned earlier. I love the woman SGT model. SO much detail and attitude was captured by the sculptor.It was a joy to paint.

So there yo go. Sorry for the absence but dial-up internet was the best they could offer me at the farm - yeah, so not a joke! So Happy New Year and may all your dice come up 6's!

Friday, December 17, 2010

20pt. Cygnar vs. Khador match

Well, after playing a few battlebox matched with my brother of the Thanksgiving break he gave me a call last night. Needless to say I brought a couple 20 point armies to his place for a match. The armies were:

  • Cmdr. Stryker (+6)
  • Lancer (6)
  • Ironclad (7)
  • Journeyman Warcaster (3)
  • Charger (4)
  • Sword Knights (Full unit 6)
  •  Kommander Sorsha (+5)
  • Juggernaut (7)
  • Destroyer (9)
  • Widowmakers (4)
  • Iron Fang Pikemen (Min. Unit 5)
I packed up the book, templates, dice, measuring tape, mini's, and the camera...just not the memory card. Doh! I took a few pics with my cell phone - but it has a horrid camera and they were really bad. I will atleast post the final pic:

Annnnddd...I lost

As you can see by the pic - I lost. Actually, the game was really close until I decided to chance it. I thought my Ironclad was withing charge distance to his caster so I dumped 3 focus on him and charged him at the caster. Well, with having to go up a hill and loosing 1/2 my remaining movement put me .000001 mm out of charge range. It wasn't that close but I was about 1/4 of an inch out of melee range. Well, this of course put my Ironclad out of control range so I had to advance my line. I thought I was smart and swarmed his Jugg. with 6 Sword Knights and kept the other two to shield my caster. Well, he proceeded to shoot both blockers with his caster, shoot me for all but 3 damage with the Widowmakers, charge in the two remaining Pikemen, and knock me down on his first attack. Yeah, I died horribly.

Things learned:
  1. Sword Knights with Blur just can not be shot. Same thing with Arcane Shield once they get in Melee.  16DEF while they try shooting at you, and 17 ARM in melee is nothing to sneeze at.
  2. Warcasters are nice - but you have to protect them. I didn't have mine completely behind his Charger and he got sniped very quickly.
  3. You have to be aggressive and go after his caster - but pay attention to the terrain. If I remembered that the piece of paper we were using was a hill, I doubt I would have chanced it.
So, how do you guys deal with Khador and their 20 ARM jacks?

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

On the work bench

Well, not much work done, but a lot of assembly managed to get done. Put together are:

  • Long Gunners UA - The standard is a bit of a bear
  • Journeyman Caster (Alt)
  • Khador Widowmakers
  • Khador Iron Fang Pikemen - The Sgt is a pain to put together. Beware.
Also, I managed to do a little bit more work on the Hammersmith.

Got the last wash on and after it dried I have started on the white. I think I am going to do that center part, both shoulder-pads, the loin cloth - plate, and the backs of the arms. I also got in a lighter blue for highlights and I think I am going to try it out on this model.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Army shot and holiday news

 Well, I decided to do a group shot as I got in absolutely no painting tonight. But overall I think I am well on my way to a nice sized army.

Remember - clicky clicky makes me bigger!
Also, the reason I didn't get much painting done is the old lady and her "Your always obsessed with something new" logic. Which is true... but if any of you know her in real life and tell her - I will deny it venomously. So, family night, and as Christmas gets closer I might miss a few nights. She just doesn't understand my 2 painting a day plastic-crack habit.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Long Gunner's Finished

After a partial days painting the Long Gunners are finished. Also, I started laying down the blue basecoat for the Hammersmith and second Charger.

 They do not look bad, and again - just aiming for tabletop quality here. The temperature is supposed to be a little better tomorrow and I hope to prime a box of Widowmakers that I picked up over the weekend. Aso always, comments, criticisms, and such are always welcome.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Trenchers Finished

Ugh... I have been sick! That's why no update. I finally started to feel better today and managed to finish of my Trenchers - minus the sniper. I got them in a trade and he is missing the sandbags he was leaning on though. I have him based and nearly finished, but he just looks plain weird in his pose. I think for just aiming at a good table top standard they look good. What do you guys think?

Any comments, criticism, useful tips please leave in the comment section. I am also working on my long gunners and I hope to have them ready for you tomorrow.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Trenchers Update

 Well, after painting at lunch on them for 2 days and tonight's marathon I nearly have them done. No pics yet as its late and I am tired. Also I have been feeling a bit under the weather today mostly I think from the cold weather we have been having. Sorry for no pics. I will try and take some tomorrow but no promises - board game night. Hopefully I can get some more work in on them at lunch and finish the unit up.

One thing though before I go, has anyone else who have seen these think that they are good sculpts but poorly cast? I have read on the forums about how ugly they are, and that's why they were redone - but I like them. They clearly look as if they belong in a WWI trench on the Eastern Front somewhere. Just that around the back of the neck on every single one that I have its as if the molds were just damaged right in that spot. What are your thoughts on these guys?

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

My fingers are blue...

 So, the trade I did for Cygnar where I got the 3 Units and a bunch of 'jacks?!?!? Yeah, the jacks were primered - and I use that term loosely, in some sort of Crylon type blue paint. My super "Vat o' paint stripping" that can peal off the worst sort of paint from a plastic mini in about 6 hours couldn't quite get all the crud off in 36 hours. Man, My sink, hands, and old tooth brush I use are dyed blue. That crud was on there extra thick.

Here's a shot of them after scrubbing for a few hours.

Yes, I got a blue towel to dry them off with so that if the paint did stain the towel it wouldn't be so noticeable. Actually the wife made me do it. But see what I mean? And on a side but still related note - I was really disapointed to find that my trader used Grind models as the base for two of the 3 light warjacks. So much less detail.

On the painting front, as my hands dried out from the turpentine I had to use to get the blue paint off I washed the Sword Knights I got in the trade. They are painted in a silver metal, which is not a look I usually go for - but they looked good and with a simple wash it really brought out the detail. Just need to hit the base border with the matching brown and call em good.

Thats all for tonight. Once the metal dried I plan to put the Hammer together, but the plastic's are going in for another bath.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Trenchers and Long Gunners WIP

 Well, I was all set to get home from work and start on my Cryx battlegroup but instead I got in a box from Bartertown. I have been working on a few trades on there and managed to get quite a few 'jacks (who are soaking in paint stripper as we speak), a full unit of Sword Knights - already painted and not going to be repainted, a full unit of Trenchers and 8 Long Gunners. Well, the latter two were bare metal so, following Leontheconfused's advice I bought some paint on primer and did two test models. What do you guys think?

Now do you see why I was asking which to use to expand my force? So, just when you thought I was done with pulled me back in!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Stupid cold...

 Well it had been in the 60's all week temperature wise. Wonderful weather considering its the middle of winter. Well, last night we had a freeze. Today I don't think it got above 45 degrees all day. With the wind it was really cold.

Why do I say all this? For starters it was too cold to prime my Cryx models so I have to wait until the work week to even start them. I at least got them all assembled so it wasn't a total loss.

But even more upsetting was when I got the call from my bud John that he couldn't make it for our game today. His water line right under his kids room burst and he had to deal with all that today. While I was looking forward to borrowing a few of his models and getting in a proper 35 point match today I instead had to help him out with the mini flood. Nothing like soggy cardboard boxes to make your day. But his room is cleared out and the ruined carpet pulled up. Everything else is up to his plumber.

So, since I couldn't get in a game or get in any painting I was thinking of what to expand my battlebox's with. For Khador I was thinking of a unit of Widowmakers and a ManHunter solo. This would give it some much needed ranged action and a nice little guy to make them think twice about where they plac their caster.

For Cygnar the Journeyman Caster seems a no brainer for the solo. But for the unit I am torn between:

  • Long Gunners
  • Sword Knights
  • Trenchers

Long Gunners for their Rng14 Combined shot/dual shot. Knights for their defensive capabilities, and Trenchers because they seem like a good screening unit.

What do you guys think?

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Cygnar Battlebox Finished!

  Well, I managed to finish my Cygnar battlebox today. Plus, after the horrid pictures from the last WIP update I had to play with my camera for a few hours to undo the mess the wife made. I think I have it figured out and I retook pictures of everything. So, lets start it off with a couple group shots.

Well, my main goal for painting anything I feel was achieved. They look good together and clearly belong as a group. Nothing special on any of them but the Warcaster - and even that was very slight.

Speaking of the warcaster here you go:

He just got some extra highlighting and a few more colors than I gave the jacks. Really pleased with him and he was super simple to paint.

Next we have the one that has not been shown yet the Lancer. I wanted him to look a little different than the Charger as they are both light jacks built on the same chassis.

I left him a bit dirtier and barely cleaned up the blue. I did this because the white just did not stand out enough when I first put it on. In leaving the blue washed darker the white really pops now. I didn't think I would like the dirty blue but it looks pretty cool IRL.

Finally, the two that were finished before but I wanted to post better pictures. Not much time, as we are about to go out to eat so I will close it out with just the pics. Next on my painting table it the Cryx battlegoup. All of the groups I have painted so far are as close to their true colors as I can get. I am thinking something different for them so stay turned.

Till tommorow.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Cygnar WIP Part II

 Well, quite a bit of progress today with the painting. I threw a couple of my Cygnar that I had been working on into my paint bag and between lunch and painting while the wife cooked dinner I managed to finish the Charger, the Ironclad, AND Stryker. Granted, most of the work was touching up on the paint of the first two models, but I did manage to paint the warcaster in only a few hours - a new personal best for me.  I have been wanting a dirty grittier feel to things  that I have been painting for a few years now and I like the way these are going.

Ok ok you say...On with the pics. First up we have the Charger. Only difference was finished and cleaned up the blues. Slight touch up to the brass as well.

While I usually HATE metalics I love the way a heavy washed brass looks. Also, its clear the wife messed with the camera settings (grrrr) so when I take the finished shots I will make sure they look good again.

Next we have the Ironclad. I love the shoulder pads. I was a bit worried about them as I actually used a very dark gray on them and then washed, washed washed the heck out of them to make them appear black at an angle. Its a really cool effect.

And a shot of the back:

Lots of brass and the metal is really dark. Just looks cool. Finally we have Styker. I actually intended to do a lot more to the cloak. Bit once I got it all painted, washed and touched up - the off white just looked "right" to me. Do you ever have a moment like that? Where you really mean to get stuck in with all kinds of details but once its all said and done simple works better?

'Nuff rambling on with the pics.

And in closing, a shot of the back.

So that's it for today. Thanks for having a look. A big shout out to The Iron Agenda Blogging Network for allowing me to syndicate my blog with them. If you like what you see please please follow me and post up some comments!

Till tommorow,


Thursday, December 2, 2010

Twists of fate...

 Isn't it funny some time how fate just deals you a hand that you totally don't expect? When I got off work, got home, did my few piddly little chores around the house, and sat down to add my daily blog I remembered - its Thursday. Thursday for most people probably probably means "Oh, I have my night of <insert random syndicated comedy/reality t.v./drama/ chick show here>! Yay!". But for me Thursday night is Game Night. Not 40K Night (The former name to Warmachine Night) but the night when I get together with a couple buddies and we play board games. Sometime we play Malifaux, or a game called Warlord (which I have recently informed them that I will be abstaining from as I just do not like the rules - note this as it comes into play later). Lo abd behold, having just brought my mini's and book just to show the game to them. Let that be a lesson to ya. Never leave home without your little metal/plastic men!

My Styrofoam box o' doom

After a few rounds of Betrayal at House on the Hill and Guillotine my friend Micah says "Hey, lets see how to play this Warmachine you have been telling us about.". So here I am rule book all done up like so:

OCD much?!?!?!?
No I am not in college, but I sure did feel like it after doing this all up.

So, here I am new guy - only a few games under my belt and ALMOST finished reading the rules....Once....and I now have to teach a game! I wish I had take my camera for pics of the match but it summed up to my friend Micah was Khador, and William was Cygnar. No terrain, just smash em up. It all boiled donw to William rolled exceptionally well and Micah couldn't roll above a 4 to save his life... So around 10 we called it as we all have work in the morning. William would like to try it again (winner syndrome) and Micah proceeded to bash the game in every way possible.

Pop quiz hot shots. Remember the part I said remember? Well, Warlord is the ONLY game that Micah has played of any sort of table top miniature game. And he has helped play test both its 1st and second edition...and he wrote the fluff for the first edition books...AND he has published novels based on this game. So yeah, he's a little biased and defensive about it. Well, when I said I didn't want to play Warlord anymore of course they asked why so I told them why in a very clinical methodical fashion told them the MANY reasons why I as an individual did not enjoy the rule system/game.

Why I bring this up was that he couldn't come up with a single RULE reason for him to nitpick it was all apples to oranges kind of stuff. "Well in Warlord you can do this and in this game you can't.". "It makes no sence for a model to just sit there and get crushed (Warlord has a thing called defensive strikes). This is so unrealistic."

So in closing do you know what my reply was?

"What is realistic about either Giant Robots running around smashing each other powered by steam and a David Copperfield guy? What is so realistic about in Warlord some vampire guy on an undead horse goes up and attacks a dwarf riding a bear? Nothing is realistic about ANY of it. Its escapism...THATS why I play games. Not realism."

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Digging into the rules...

Had a long day at work yesterday and today, hence the lack of painting. I have however managed to dig into the Warmachine rulebook. Lots of special little rules that add so much flavor. I really like that grabbing a hold of some other giant robot and flinging it across the battlefield to slam into its own guys is just awesome. You know what else is awesome? Ok, lemme tell you a bit of a story here.

In Warhammer 40,000 there is a ton of "wiggle room" on nearly every single rule that is in the main rule book. I can not tell you of the countless gaming hours I have spent, and frankly wasted, arguing with an opponent at the FLGS. It got so bad that a few months ago I would only play with a few friends at my house in my game room. Yes, I got a few games in a week, but when its against the same three people over and over it gets old. Even with friends you still have the rule argument.

With Warmachine I have already seen countless instances where GW would just say "In the spirit of the game" and call it good. Privateer Press clearly spells out each core mechanic rule. I mean to the point. It has been a delight reading their book. Each instance where a rule references another rule it gives a page number. The OCD super-organized IT nerd that I am has even kicked in where I am putting the index tabs on each of the important rulings I have come to. Whether this pays off in the end, or just makes it super cluttered only time will tell.

In closing I would like to link to a post on Bell of Lost Souls. It is about Choosing Factions in Warmachine.


This stuff is super awesome. Any help and new guy oriented information should never be forgotten. Just look at me. I am a way old dog when it comes to 40K, but I am the iconic newb when it comes to Warmachine. Its a wonderful feeling when your not jaded and you want to try EVERY unit that a faction has to offer. When you poor over a faction book (codex) not looking for the super killy Death Star unit, but for how each unit functions on its own and in concert with other units. Just my 2 cents.