Iron Agenda

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Cygnar Battlebox Finished!

  Well, I managed to finish my Cygnar battlebox today. Plus, after the horrid pictures from the last WIP update I had to play with my camera for a few hours to undo the mess the wife made. I think I have it figured out and I retook pictures of everything. So, lets start it off with a couple group shots.

Well, my main goal for painting anything I feel was achieved. They look good together and clearly belong as a group. Nothing special on any of them but the Warcaster - and even that was very slight.

Speaking of the warcaster here you go:

He just got some extra highlighting and a few more colors than I gave the jacks. Really pleased with him and he was super simple to paint.

Next we have the one that has not been shown yet the Lancer. I wanted him to look a little different than the Charger as they are both light jacks built on the same chassis.

I left him a bit dirtier and barely cleaned up the blue. I did this because the white just did not stand out enough when I first put it on. In leaving the blue washed darker the white really pops now. I didn't think I would like the dirty blue but it looks pretty cool IRL.

Finally, the two that were finished before but I wanted to post better pictures. Not much time, as we are about to go out to eat so I will close it out with just the pics. Next on my painting table it the Cryx battlegoup. All of the groups I have painted so far are as close to their true colors as I can get. I am thinking something different for them so stay turned.

Till tommorow.