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Friday, December 17, 2010

20pt. Cygnar vs. Khador match

Well, after playing a few battlebox matched with my brother of the Thanksgiving break he gave me a call last night. Needless to say I brought a couple 20 point armies to his place for a match. The armies were:

  • Cmdr. Stryker (+6)
  • Lancer (6)
  • Ironclad (7)
  • Journeyman Warcaster (3)
  • Charger (4)
  • Sword Knights (Full unit 6)
  •  Kommander Sorsha (+5)
  • Juggernaut (7)
  • Destroyer (9)
  • Widowmakers (4)
  • Iron Fang Pikemen (Min. Unit 5)
I packed up the book, templates, dice, measuring tape, mini's, and the camera...just not the memory card. Doh! I took a few pics with my cell phone - but it has a horrid camera and they were really bad. I will atleast post the final pic:

Annnnddd...I lost

As you can see by the pic - I lost. Actually, the game was really close until I decided to chance it. I thought my Ironclad was withing charge distance to his caster so I dumped 3 focus on him and charged him at the caster. Well, with having to go up a hill and loosing 1/2 my remaining movement put me .000001 mm out of charge range. It wasn't that close but I was about 1/4 of an inch out of melee range. Well, this of course put my Ironclad out of control range so I had to advance my line. I thought I was smart and swarmed his Jugg. with 6 Sword Knights and kept the other two to shield my caster. Well, he proceeded to shoot both blockers with his caster, shoot me for all but 3 damage with the Widowmakers, charge in the two remaining Pikemen, and knock me down on his first attack. Yeah, I died horribly.

Things learned:
  1. Sword Knights with Blur just can not be shot. Same thing with Arcane Shield once they get in Melee.  16DEF while they try shooting at you, and 17 ARM in melee is nothing to sneeze at.
  2. Warcasters are nice - but you have to protect them. I didn't have mine completely behind his Charger and he got sniped very quickly.
  3. You have to be aggressive and go after his caster - but pay attention to the terrain. If I remembered that the piece of paper we were using was a hill, I doubt I would have chanced it.
So, how do you guys deal with Khador and their 20 ARM jacks?

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  1. If you're playing Cygnar, a Hunter works fairly well. It has armor piercing on it's Pow6 gun. So, you're only at dice-4. If you put one on the journeyman, it's even more versatile since it's Extended Range ability doubles Jr.'s small 6" control to a nice 12". Also, since it's only RoF 1, you can double boost while upkeeping AS on something, and use all 3 of Jr.'s focus.

    I like the lists and it sounds like you had fun!