Iron Agenda

Monday, December 6, 2010

Trenchers and Long Gunners WIP

 Well, I was all set to get home from work and start on my Cryx battlegroup but instead I got in a box from Bartertown. I have been working on a few trades on there and managed to get quite a few 'jacks (who are soaking in paint stripper as we speak), a full unit of Sword Knights - already painted and not going to be repainted, a full unit of Trenchers and 8 Long Gunners. Well, the latter two were bare metal so, following Leontheconfused's advice I bought some paint on primer and did two test models. What do you guys think?

Now do you see why I was asking which to use to expand my force? So, just when you thought I was done with pulled me back in!


  1. Very nice. I take it the brush on primer worked ok then?

  2. It worked like a champ. Thanks for recommending it. I always was leery of brush on as I thought it would clog up the details. It was actually better than spray for coverage. Thanks again.

  3. Can you tell me which brush-on primer you and/or Leontheconfused use?
    It's gotten crazy cold here in New York, so I can't go outside to prime anything. A good brush-on primer would be a godsend.

  4. I use a Tamiya brush on primer.

    Cant tell you more than that I ran out about a week ago and have not got any more yet!

  5. What a coincidence. That's what I bought at Hobby Lobby. Its about $6 a jar. Tamiya brush on flat primer - I bought mine in grey but there was white as well as black available.