Iron Agenda

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

My fingers are blue...

 So, the trade I did for Cygnar where I got the 3 Units and a bunch of 'jacks?!?!? Yeah, the jacks were primered - and I use that term loosely, in some sort of Crylon type blue paint. My super "Vat o' paint stripping" that can peal off the worst sort of paint from a plastic mini in about 6 hours couldn't quite get all the crud off in 36 hours. Man, My sink, hands, and old tooth brush I use are dyed blue. That crud was on there extra thick.

Here's a shot of them after scrubbing for a few hours.

Yes, I got a blue towel to dry them off with so that if the paint did stain the towel it wouldn't be so noticeable. Actually the wife made me do it. But see what I mean? And on a side but still related note - I was really disapointed to find that my trader used Grind models as the base for two of the 3 light warjacks. So much less detail.

On the painting front, as my hands dried out from the turpentine I had to use to get the blue paint off I washed the Sword Knights I got in the trade. They are painted in a silver metal, which is not a look I usually go for - but they looked good and with a simple wash it really brought out the detail. Just need to hit the base border with the matching brown and call em good.

Thats all for tonight. Once the metal dried I plan to put the Hammer together, but the plastic's are going in for another bath.


  1. I feel your pain on the bad primer. I've gotten some pretty bad models in trades as well. The paint's bad, but what's worse is when people use way too much glue. Especially on plastic models where you can't soak them in Acetone to get them out. What are you using as a paint stripper?

    I like the Sword Knights! They're some of my favorite models, and you certainly did them justice!

  2. I use a combination of Simple Green mixed 50/50 with this stuff called Purple Power. The Purple Power is AMAZING at stripping paint but it leaves a residue that's really hard to get off plastic - hence the simple green. You can get both products at Walmart - or if you don't mind saving money (and who doesn't) they now carry both at Family Dollar.