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Friday, December 3, 2010

Cygnar WIP Part II

 Well, quite a bit of progress today with the painting. I threw a couple of my Cygnar that I had been working on into my paint bag and between lunch and painting while the wife cooked dinner I managed to finish the Charger, the Ironclad, AND Stryker. Granted, most of the work was touching up on the paint of the first two models, but I did manage to paint the warcaster in only a few hours - a new personal best for me.  I have been wanting a dirty grittier feel to things  that I have been painting for a few years now and I like the way these are going.

Ok ok you say...On with the pics. First up we have the Charger. Only difference was finished and cleaned up the blues. Slight touch up to the brass as well.

While I usually HATE metalics I love the way a heavy washed brass looks. Also, its clear the wife messed with the camera settings (grrrr) so when I take the finished shots I will make sure they look good again.

Next we have the Ironclad. I love the shoulder pads. I was a bit worried about them as I actually used a very dark gray on them and then washed, washed washed the heck out of them to make them appear black at an angle. Its a really cool effect.

And a shot of the back:

Lots of brass and the metal is really dark. Just looks cool. Finally we have Styker. I actually intended to do a lot more to the cloak. Bit once I got it all painted, washed and touched up - the off white just looked "right" to me. Do you ever have a moment like that? Where you really mean to get stuck in with all kinds of details but once its all said and done simple works better?

'Nuff rambling on with the pics.

And in closing, a shot of the back.

So that's it for today. Thanks for having a look. A big shout out to The Iron Agenda Blogging Network for allowing me to syndicate my blog with them. If you like what you see please please follow me and post up some comments!

Till tommorow,


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