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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Stupid cold...

 Well it had been in the 60's all week temperature wise. Wonderful weather considering its the middle of winter. Well, last night we had a freeze. Today I don't think it got above 45 degrees all day. With the wind it was really cold.

Why do I say all this? For starters it was too cold to prime my Cryx models so I have to wait until the work week to even start them. I at least got them all assembled so it wasn't a total loss.

But even more upsetting was when I got the call from my bud John that he couldn't make it for our game today. His water line right under his kids room burst and he had to deal with all that today. While I was looking forward to borrowing a few of his models and getting in a proper 35 point match today I instead had to help him out with the mini flood. Nothing like soggy cardboard boxes to make your day. But his room is cleared out and the ruined carpet pulled up. Everything else is up to his plumber.

So, since I couldn't get in a game or get in any painting I was thinking of what to expand my battlebox's with. For Khador I was thinking of a unit of Widowmakers and a ManHunter solo. This would give it some much needed ranged action and a nice little guy to make them think twice about where they plac their caster.

For Cygnar the Journeyman Caster seems a no brainer for the solo. But for the unit I am torn between:

  • Long Gunners
  • Sword Knights
  • Trenchers

Long Gunners for their Rng14 Combined shot/dual shot. Knights for their defensive capabilities, and Trenchers because they seem like a good screening unit.

What do you guys think?

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  1. Have you considered brush on primer? I use it a lot as I live in a small flat and dont normally have the option to spray outside due to wind.