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Monday, February 28, 2011

Horrible taste in my mouth...

So I sat down last night to work on my Kodiak and not 10 minutes later I was at the toilet worshiping the porcelain goddess if you know what I mean. It turns out that my son, as sweet as he is, borrowed one of my brushes Saturday. Well, when he put them up he thought he would clean all of them with Angela's help. They used my brush soap but did not know that you have to wash out the cleaner. As soon as I got the bristles moist yesterday they literally fell out. Since I am one of those weird "I use my mouth to moisten the bristles" kind of guy - I had a mouth full of soapy horse hair.

So, in a few days when my new brushes arrive I will get back to painting.

So instead of my normally scheduled updates I thought I would share with you all my idea for a fun Talion Charter list I am thinking up.

  • Captain Phinneus Shae +6
  • 2x Mariner 16pts.
  • Bloddy Bradigan 2
  • Bosun Grogspar 2
  • First mate Hawk 2
  • 2x Sea Dog Deck Gun 4
  • 2x Minimum Sea Dog Units 10
  • The Commodore Cannon 4
I figure 3 cannons ought to be able to hold the center and keep the Sea Dogs back to prevent assault. The Solo's would go on the lightest flank and the 'jacks on the heaviest flank - or if its a infantry heavy list keep them with the Dogs to load those cannons.. So what do you guys think? I know its a bit light but I wanted to get as many cannons as I could out there.

Also, don't forget - today the contest starts. Feel free to put the word out any way you can/want to.

Till next time - keep your brushes clean - but out of the reach of your kids.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Come one, come all to Burbs Contest!!!

Well well well. Here it is three months in and I have a respectable 14 followers. Not to shabby not to shabby. Everyone here is quite helpful and I appreciate all the comments. But like any "Red Blooded American" I want more. But unlike every other Okie (the term used to describe inebriated gun toting rebel flag sporting people who live in Oklahoma) I am not to proud to beg.

Here's the rules and conditions. This contest is only good until the day my blog hits 40 followers OR April 2nd, 2011.

Now here is the contest part. I will do a drawing of every single follower to win a prize - but its based on TIME. The Day I start counting is Monday the 28th. So 1 week will be measured at midnight the following Monday.
  • If I hit the mark in 1 week - I will buy from Privateer Press the Extreme model of their choice and ship it to you - Free of charge. (Or similarly priced model if you do not have one you want).
  • If I hit the mark in 2 Weeks - One Heavy Warjack/ Beast - No Character's. Only your bog standard Heavies.
  • If I hit the mark in 3 Weeks - 1 Unit box up to $30 in Value.
  • If it takes 4 weeks - 1 Light of your choice - character jacks allowed.
  • Finally, if it takes longer than a month OR we dont make it - I will buy a single blister pack of the $10 price range and send it to one lucky follower.
If so desired - I will paint the model too! I would like to do this but its up to the winner to decide! I will paint it in whatever theme to match your army.

 I will write each blog member's name on a list and post the list on or close to the 2nd with a number attached to them. I will then perform a random drawing on video and contact the lucky winner.

So unleash your inner used car salesman and get out there and tell your friends, tell you mom, tell your girlfriend.

Post it anywhere you want with my permission. I request you mention that its Burb's Painting Blog and provide a URL - but the rest is up to you!

Get to it bloggers - the clock is ticking!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Food for thought...

So just a quick one tonight.  but I thought I would share my bemusing with everyone. I noticed since I got back home that having a few weeks with nothing to paint has really made me ADD boy. I mean I am currently working on a Kodiak, trying to repair a 10 man unit of Trencher Commando's that are bright pink I got in a trade, and finish my Trollblood Champions. It seems that I missed painting so much I can't seem t make up my mind as to what exactly I want to paint - but I know I want to paint it all! Which brings me to my next point.

Faction lady of the night-ing. Yes, you know what it means and if you don't - good. Your clearly much younger than I am. And you need to stay in school...and don't do drugs M'kay?!?!? Anyways, back to the subject - faction envy. In the few short months since I started Warmachine I just realized - I have 6 armies with a 7th on the way. Just look at this - I even ran out of shelving!

Now its not as bad as it seems - I have PURCHASED maybe $200 worth of models. Bartertown is my friend. If you go through my posts you will see that I am a fairly prolific painter. And one mans tabletop is another mans beautiful standard. I am in no way trying to brag - so please do NOT regard this as such but I have been very blessed in what I have been trading on btown. When I expect to get 45 - 60% of retail most people have been buying at full retail - which I then sink into more Warmachine. But it seems that once I hit that magical 50 - 60 point range I go "Oooohh Shiny" and pick up some stuff from another faction. At a discount. So there is a life lesson to be learned here - if you are going to paint your army paint it all. Someone somewhere WILL like your painting and try to reward you for it. And even if you decide you don't like the army you are painting - finish it because it gives you practice for when you DO paint that army that you love.

Finally, being inspired by by fellow bloggerite/ dakka dakka member Felix over at Pokeminiatures (please check him out and follow him if you have not - great stuff there) I showed my wife his wall of painted-ness. Apparently she thought it was too cool so when I came home from work I had this:

Please ignore the lonely contaminant on the bottom right. My wife just loves the paint job.

All by herself she bought this, hung it, and then got my son to help her pick out ALL my Warcasters/ Warlocks and put in it. Do I not have the greatest wife in the world?!?!?!?

So now, instead of just having my wall o' Warmahordes I have a wall and case! Thanks alot Felix - you inspired my wife!! And got me a kick butt case!

In parting now that we have all had a chance to sit on "Gran Pappy Burb's" knee and listen to him rattle on I will leave you with a few questions.

  1. How hard/easy is it for you to stick with one faction? Why do you wander/ stay strong?
  2. When painting a model/unit do you usually paint one thing at a time, or multiple? I usually paint 1 but I am wandering.
Oh, and as a bit of a Post Script: I will be announcing a contest this Saturday. There will be a prize so keep your eye's peeled and let your friends know.

Til next time-


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Trollblood Champion Test

So here is a test model for my Champions unit. I tried to keep him fairly bright and he was actually me decision to use actual metallic's on the armor. I didn't wash him hardly at all and the armor just stood out way too much. So I washed him again slightly and it brought it down to a nice dull "worn look". What do you guys think?

Feralgeist's Finished

I brought these guys to try and fix the horrid joint between the two halves. I just could not get it to look right without destroying too much detail so I redid them 3 - 4 times. Finally I just stuck them together and tried to smooth it out a tiny bit. They are very striking and painting them literally took 10 minutes for both. Total.

  1. Prime White
  2. Drybrush bright yellow
  3. Wash with Thraka Green GW wash 3 times heavily.
Thats it.

Here you go.

As you can see there is no lower mandible - I am sorry but a spirit looked silly to me with this huge jaw sticking out.

C&C as always.

Janissa Stonetide Finished

As she is a solo I spent a wee bit more time on her. She looks phenominal on the table and I just could not capture the contrast very well with my camera. I brought her with my to the FLGS today when I was picking up some paint for my next project and I got tons of wonderful comments on her.

I really like her. I even spent a whole 5 minutes when I was preping the pics to post playing in photoshop to produce:

C&C encouraged as usual!!

Krielstone Bearer and unit Finished

So, I posted the WIP shot of the stone and it has come a long way since then. I was hoping to do a WIP series on how I filled the gaps but I did not have my camera with me.

So here is the unit. I was more than satisfied with the skin before I washed and highlighted it but after seeing my Janissa Stonetide turned out I wanted more of a contrast. They look awesome from about a foot or two + away so I am pleased with them.

C&C as always please.

Home at last! Home at last!

 As you know form my last post a few weeks ago my mother was very sick. She was in the hospital for well over a week and needed direct care for the rest of the time. So instead of a nice vacation I played xbox with my son (yes - the original xbox) and tried to get in a smidge of painting. Unfortunately I had a very limited palet to paint with and an even smaller selection of models to paint. SO without further ado I will begin posting all that I have painted. I hope you all enjoy.