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Monday, February 28, 2011

Horrible taste in my mouth...

So I sat down last night to work on my Kodiak and not 10 minutes later I was at the toilet worshiping the porcelain goddess if you know what I mean. It turns out that my son, as sweet as he is, borrowed one of my brushes Saturday. Well, when he put them up he thought he would clean all of them with Angela's help. They used my brush soap but did not know that you have to wash out the cleaner. As soon as I got the bristles moist yesterday they literally fell out. Since I am one of those weird "I use my mouth to moisten the bristles" kind of guy - I had a mouth full of soapy horse hair.

So, in a few days when my new brushes arrive I will get back to painting.

So instead of my normally scheduled updates I thought I would share with you all my idea for a fun Talion Charter list I am thinking up.

  • Captain Phinneus Shae +6
  • 2x Mariner 16pts.
  • Bloddy Bradigan 2
  • Bosun Grogspar 2
  • First mate Hawk 2
  • 2x Sea Dog Deck Gun 4
  • 2x Minimum Sea Dog Units 10
  • The Commodore Cannon 4
I figure 3 cannons ought to be able to hold the center and keep the Sea Dogs back to prevent assault. The Solo's would go on the lightest flank and the 'jacks on the heaviest flank - or if its a infantry heavy list keep them with the Dogs to load those cannons.. So what do you guys think? I know its a bit light but I wanted to get as many cannons as I could out there.

Also, don't forget - today the contest starts. Feel free to put the word out any way you can/want to.

Till next time - keep your brushes clean - but out of the reach of your kids.

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