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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Come one, come all to Burbs Contest!!!

Well well well. Here it is three months in and I have a respectable 14 followers. Not to shabby not to shabby. Everyone here is quite helpful and I appreciate all the comments. But like any "Red Blooded American" I want more. But unlike every other Okie (the term used to describe inebriated gun toting rebel flag sporting people who live in Oklahoma) I am not to proud to beg.

Here's the rules and conditions. This contest is only good until the day my blog hits 40 followers OR April 2nd, 2011.

Now here is the contest part. I will do a drawing of every single follower to win a prize - but its based on TIME. The Day I start counting is Monday the 28th. So 1 week will be measured at midnight the following Monday.
  • If I hit the mark in 1 week - I will buy from Privateer Press the Extreme model of their choice and ship it to you - Free of charge. (Or similarly priced model if you do not have one you want).
  • If I hit the mark in 2 Weeks - One Heavy Warjack/ Beast - No Character's. Only your bog standard Heavies.
  • If I hit the mark in 3 Weeks - 1 Unit box up to $30 in Value.
  • If it takes 4 weeks - 1 Light of your choice - character jacks allowed.
  • Finally, if it takes longer than a month OR we dont make it - I will buy a single blister pack of the $10 price range and send it to one lucky follower.
If so desired - I will paint the model too! I would like to do this but its up to the winner to decide! I will paint it in whatever theme to match your army.

 I will write each blog member's name on a list and post the list on or close to the 2nd with a number attached to them. I will then perform a random drawing on video and contact the lucky winner.

So unleash your inner used car salesman and get out there and tell your friends, tell you mom, tell your girlfriend.

Post it anywhere you want with my permission. I request you mention that its Burb's Painting Blog and provide a URL - but the rest is up to you!

Get to it bloggers - the clock is ticking!


  1. Close! 35 followers so far, and it's only day 1!


  2. Do us latecomers still get in the draw?

  3. I will honor everyone that joined before Midnight Monday. So your in Adam. Good luck!