Iron Agenda

Friday, March 11, 2011

Lots of work , no painting...

As you can see in the pic below:
I have had a busy, unproductive week. But I thought I would give you all a glimpse of my work desk.
  1. A couple Scattergunners I needed to get my unit to 10.
  2. A couple Shredders for my mini Everblight I am making for a friend.
  3. Troll Whelps. Finger lickin good.
  4. Phineus Shae and Bart
  5. A unit of Trencher Commando's...that I got painted pink. I am working on a tutorial on how to salvage a model's paint job - and you can't get a more needy model than a pink one...
  6. Warpwolf
  7. Wolves of Orberos
  8. Dire Troll Blitzer
  9. Nyss Sorceress
  10. Thagrosh
  11. a unit of Mechanics and Widowmakers freshly stripped.
  12. An Argus
  13. Poor Armless wolves
  14. My allergy medicine - the main reason I have not been painting - haven't felt like it...
  15. My dipping clips. I tried to do an army via dipping in the past - didn't work to well. I keep them as a reminder.
  16. My paintbrush/tool/paperclip holder.
  17. My paint tray.
  18. A small posabel flashlight. For when I prime in black.
  19. Gorilla Glue - greatest glue made.
  20. My insta set spray - to make gluing instantaneous.
  21. One of my new Windsor brushes.
  22. The EXTREME juggernaut that just came in the post today. See? I am a man of my word. Will ship it out as soon as I get an address.
So, yeah - been feeling a bit under the weather and thought I would get some assembly in this past week. Its hard to paint when you are sneezing all the time. Sorry guys.

So whats on your desks? Do you have mini's from 6 different factions going at once?

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Avast Ye Lubbers!

 Arrrr! Ah know ye didn think tha' 'ol burb be laying low this past week did ye? O' course 'e was paintin' - it was some scurvy dogs that he be paintin'.

Ok, enough of my "type like a pirate day". Actually its been paint like pirate week here at burb-land. I know - I know I should have posted them as I was working on them, but a few things came up.
  1. I ran out of green stuff making bases - so 1/2 of them have normal bases.
  2. I thought I would try something different on the bases and of course I didn't like the look so 1/2 of them have arcs painted and 1/ don't so I need to fix that.
So here we go. Lets start it off with some 'jacks.

Here are the heavies. And now for some lights.

Those are all the jacks I have currently painted, but I have another Mariner to paint up.

Now for the units. I have a full and a minimum Sea Dog Unit painted, a full Press Gangers Unit painted. and 3 Riflemen painted. I tried to make the units distinctive, but appear to be on the same ship. This is hard to do when they are chaotic pirates. So I decided to go all out and make the max unit as bright and flamboyant as I wanted, and kept the minimum unit muted. So, here you go.

You all might remember my Fiona, well, here are 3 more solo's to go along with her.

None of my 4 - yes 4 cannons are finished and neither are Bart and Shae. But I am working on them.

So, I will try to keep the updates just that - updates. I just got swept up in a bit of skull duggery and would just as well paint as take pics this week. So sorry.

As always, comments and criticisms are welcome!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Sorry for the delay, winner anounced!

Well, I actually tried to contact the winner so I could post what model they wanted and who won but I have not heard from them. So...I thought I would call them out with a pic. All the pics I took with my son pulling the paper out of a box didn't turn out because a flash apparently washes out b&w laser printer ink...Doh!

So I took another one just now and I am calling you out! Claim it or be square!!
The winner is Plarzoid! Congrats - and update your e-mail on your blogger account for pete's sake :-D

Stay tuned to find out what model he chooses.

Thursday, March 3, 2011


Ok, sorry for the delay - I was trying to find my wife's Camcorder I bought her for Christmas. She has it at work and forgot to bring it home tonight. My cellphone does video and my test shoot looked like crap today so - old school it is. I have all the names printed out (all 42 - I am counting everyone that got in before the end of the day we hit 40) I just need to cut them up, put them in a hat and draw the name.

Stay tuned fine followers!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Wow...just WOW. Free Extreme sculpt for one of my followers it is!

SO I put the challenge out and boy did I get the response. Over 25 new followers in less than 48 hours. I will include all 42 in the drawing to be held ASAP (most likely Friday so I can get the kid to help cut out all the names). What I want to do is put everyone's name in a hat and draw them out that way so I can film it. Also, because I am an old school dog like that so there. So again, thanks for the overwhelming response and congrats to one of you!

Monday, February 28, 2011

Horrible taste in my mouth...

So I sat down last night to work on my Kodiak and not 10 minutes later I was at the toilet worshiping the porcelain goddess if you know what I mean. It turns out that my son, as sweet as he is, borrowed one of my brushes Saturday. Well, when he put them up he thought he would clean all of them with Angela's help. They used my brush soap but did not know that you have to wash out the cleaner. As soon as I got the bristles moist yesterday they literally fell out. Since I am one of those weird "I use my mouth to moisten the bristles" kind of guy - I had a mouth full of soapy horse hair.

So, in a few days when my new brushes arrive I will get back to painting.

So instead of my normally scheduled updates I thought I would share with you all my idea for a fun Talion Charter list I am thinking up.

  • Captain Phinneus Shae +6
  • 2x Mariner 16pts.
  • Bloddy Bradigan 2
  • Bosun Grogspar 2
  • First mate Hawk 2
  • 2x Sea Dog Deck Gun 4
  • 2x Minimum Sea Dog Units 10
  • The Commodore Cannon 4
I figure 3 cannons ought to be able to hold the center and keep the Sea Dogs back to prevent assault. The Solo's would go on the lightest flank and the 'jacks on the heaviest flank - or if its a infantry heavy list keep them with the Dogs to load those cannons.. So what do you guys think? I know its a bit light but I wanted to get as many cannons as I could out there.

Also, don't forget - today the contest starts. Feel free to put the word out any way you can/want to.

Till next time - keep your brushes clean - but out of the reach of your kids.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Come one, come all to Burbs Contest!!!

Well well well. Here it is three months in and I have a respectable 14 followers. Not to shabby not to shabby. Everyone here is quite helpful and I appreciate all the comments. But like any "Red Blooded American" I want more. But unlike every other Okie (the term used to describe inebriated gun toting rebel flag sporting people who live in Oklahoma) I am not to proud to beg.

Here's the rules and conditions. This contest is only good until the day my blog hits 40 followers OR April 2nd, 2011.

Now here is the contest part. I will do a drawing of every single follower to win a prize - but its based on TIME. The Day I start counting is Monday the 28th. So 1 week will be measured at midnight the following Monday.
  • If I hit the mark in 1 week - I will buy from Privateer Press the Extreme model of their choice and ship it to you - Free of charge. (Or similarly priced model if you do not have one you want).
  • If I hit the mark in 2 Weeks - One Heavy Warjack/ Beast - No Character's. Only your bog standard Heavies.
  • If I hit the mark in 3 Weeks - 1 Unit box up to $30 in Value.
  • If it takes 4 weeks - 1 Light of your choice - character jacks allowed.
  • Finally, if it takes longer than a month OR we dont make it - I will buy a single blister pack of the $10 price range and send it to one lucky follower.
If so desired - I will paint the model too! I would like to do this but its up to the winner to decide! I will paint it in whatever theme to match your army.

 I will write each blog member's name on a list and post the list on or close to the 2nd with a number attached to them. I will then perform a random drawing on video and contact the lucky winner.

So unleash your inner used car salesman and get out there and tell your friends, tell you mom, tell your girlfriend.

Post it anywhere you want with my permission. I request you mention that its Burb's Painting Blog and provide a URL - but the rest is up to you!

Get to it bloggers - the clock is ticking!