Iron Agenda

Friday, March 11, 2011

Lots of work , no painting...

As you can see in the pic below:
I have had a busy, unproductive week. But I thought I would give you all a glimpse of my work desk.
  1. A couple Scattergunners I needed to get my unit to 10.
  2. A couple Shredders for my mini Everblight I am making for a friend.
  3. Troll Whelps. Finger lickin good.
  4. Phineus Shae and Bart
  5. A unit of Trencher Commando's...that I got painted pink. I am working on a tutorial on how to salvage a model's paint job - and you can't get a more needy model than a pink one...
  6. Warpwolf
  7. Wolves of Orberos
  8. Dire Troll Blitzer
  9. Nyss Sorceress
  10. Thagrosh
  11. a unit of Mechanics and Widowmakers freshly stripped.
  12. An Argus
  13. Poor Armless wolves
  14. My allergy medicine - the main reason I have not been painting - haven't felt like it...
  15. My dipping clips. I tried to do an army via dipping in the past - didn't work to well. I keep them as a reminder.
  16. My paintbrush/tool/paperclip holder.
  17. My paint tray.
  18. A small posabel flashlight. For when I prime in black.
  19. Gorilla Glue - greatest glue made.
  20. My insta set spray - to make gluing instantaneous.
  21. One of my new Windsor brushes.
  22. The EXTREME juggernaut that just came in the post today. See? I am a man of my word. Will ship it out as soon as I get an address.
So, yeah - been feeling a bit under the weather and thought I would get some assembly in this past week. Its hard to paint when you are sneezing all the time. Sorry guys.

So whats on your desks? Do you have mini's from 6 different factions going at once?


  1. Mine's a complete mess. I have a little of everything, and I'm about to have more with the conversion commissions I have going on.

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