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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Avast Ye Lubbers!

 Arrrr! Ah know ye didn think tha' 'ol burb be laying low this past week did ye? O' course 'e was paintin' - it was some scurvy dogs that he be paintin'.

Ok, enough of my "type like a pirate day". Actually its been paint like pirate week here at burb-land. I know - I know I should have posted them as I was working on them, but a few things came up.
  1. I ran out of green stuff making bases - so 1/2 of them have normal bases.
  2. I thought I would try something different on the bases and of course I didn't like the look so 1/2 of them have arcs painted and 1/ don't so I need to fix that.
So here we go. Lets start it off with some 'jacks.

Here are the heavies. And now for some lights.

Those are all the jacks I have currently painted, but I have another Mariner to paint up.

Now for the units. I have a full and a minimum Sea Dog Unit painted, a full Press Gangers Unit painted. and 3 Riflemen painted. I tried to make the units distinctive, but appear to be on the same ship. This is hard to do when they are chaotic pirates. So I decided to go all out and make the max unit as bright and flamboyant as I wanted, and kept the minimum unit muted. So, here you go.

You all might remember my Fiona, well, here are 3 more solo's to go along with her.

None of my 4 - yes 4 cannons are finished and neither are Bart and Shae. But I am working on them.

So, I will try to keep the updates just that - updates. I just got swept up in a bit of skull duggery and would just as well paint as take pics this week. So sorry.

As always, comments and criticisms are welcome!


  1. Hey Burb

    These are looking really nice. Are you gloss coated, as there appears to be a lot of "shine" on the models?

  2. Yeah. I already gloss and matte coated the models before I took the pics. Glad I did too. It rained/drizzled the last few days and its cold yesterday and today. Not productive to clear coating.