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Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy new year! And what I have been painting of course.

Oh man... over a week at the in-laws and I exhausted. Its not so bad when its just a day or two but from the 23rd until today is just too much. My son is bouncing off the walls from so much sugar and my wife can't go ten minuted without an "We are NOT doing that next year". But on the good side I managed to get some painting done in between the free computer tech service to the entire extended family and the father in law's comments relating to how I went from the Army to playing with army men...

Anywho, on with the figs! First up I guess I should show the finished Hammersmith since I did some WIP pics earlier.

One thing I have noticed in painting my first metal warjack over the plastic. The plastics are nice to work with and are very detailed - but the metal ones are FAR more detailed.

Next we have my UA for the Long Gunner's. I did some super quick highlighting on the flag - but since I know it will be a focal point any ways I wanted it to look half way decent.

Next up are some Khador love. First up for them is a minimum unit of Iron Fang Pikemen. These were fun to paint and the quickest out of all of them. Vallejo Model red over a grey primer. Reaper Tarnished Brass and the pikes are Vallejo German Grey. Heavy heavy GW black wash and finally a careful highlighting with red again. As a unit I think they look pretty imposing. I think I need to get some Man O War's and paint them the same way.

Finally we have the unit of Widowmakers I mentioned earlier. I love the woman SGT model. SO much detail and attitude was captured by the sculptor.It was a joy to paint.

So there yo go. Sorry for the absence but dial-up internet was the best they could offer me at the farm - yeah, so not a joke! So Happy New Year and may all your dice come up 6's!

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  1. I like the Widowmakers, very nice job with them, especially the Sgt.