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Friday, January 28, 2011

22!? Point Grissel vs. Siege learning match

Well, what felt like the blind leading the dumb, deaf, and blind turned into a pretty fun little match. It all started when a friend of mine called me up wanting to learn how to play Hordes. Well, how could I, John Q. Gamer, deny someone the joys of war gaming?

Anywho, I wanted him to get the gist of what Trollboods were about - to me anyways, and tried to get it at 20.
His list:
  • Grissel Bloodsong +5
  • Dire Troll Mauler 9
  • Troll Impaler 5
  • Minimum Champions 6
  • Full Krielstone Bearer 4
  • Janissa Stonetide 3
My list was trying out my newly painted Siege.

  • Marcus "Siege" Brisbane +5
  • Hammersmith 8
  • Charger 4
  • Full Sword Knights 6
  • Min. Long Gunner Infantry 6
  • Lung Gunner UA 2
I didn't take pics and the first turn took over and hour alone. But after explaining all the rules he picked it up rather quickly and after that it went rather smoothly. I was the one to make the big mistake. I ran Siege up to get as much as I could in my control area as those ARM 20 Champs were chomping on my Sword Knights really badly and I needed to try and take them out. Yeah, that went badly, wiffing on nearly everything put into them. But I did manage to kill the Mauler, nearly kill the Impaler and take out 3 Scribes to reduce his AOE of the stone. Only thing was I didn't realize his Impaler was withing 5" of a clear firing lane to Siege. So he walked up, boost attacked and boost damaged - leaving me with 2 health. So I enter full panic mode at this point and try to pull some sword knights back and block his firing lines loosing all but 2 to free strikes. He then Feats giving his Impaler 2" more movement and sneaks around to get a firing lane. And that spelled the end for Siege. It was a fun game - but now I know how a press ganger must feel. I was a bit stressed out about getting something wrong, but going through the books again today and everything  seemed to check out. Funny thing is I had to actually ask him to leave as he was pa-rousing the Circle section of the main rule book for well over 45 minutes after the game... Might have another player here.


  1. Hmm I make a similar mistake when I tech new players too.

  2. Yup. I have now demoed the game twice, and both times I overextended myself. lost one, barely scraped by in the other. Look at it this way, you're a good teacher if your student understands the game enough to defeat you :)