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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

35pt. pSorsha VS. pStryker

Well my bother finally showed up and we managed to get a battle in. WHat was supposed to be a 35pt Khador vs a 36pt Cygnar battle turned into a 35 vs 40 pt battle. How you say? When I was setting everything out and making sure everything was ready I had set out all 10 of my trenchers - they were SUPPOSED to be a minimum unit. So even with a 5 point swing I still managed to loose. Completely ignoring the back of the Hammersmiths card until he had three boxes left and the end of my turn I am sure helped. Never rolling for more than 4 points of damage even with sometimes boosted damage rolls against his heavies and the bane of my existence - Thor. Worse that Armor 20...Worse than P&S 19 Ice Axe.... my bothers uncanny ability to turn after turn succeed in a repair check AND consistently repair 5-6 damage. Kid was on fire with the rolls.

So, on with the lists and the pics. I made sure and took pics turn by turn after each of our activations. We had to call it with no definitive winner, but with two heavies still in play and a mechanic that could just repair the damage I conceded the win. Plus I figured out my mistake 1/2 way through the game and felt like a heel.

Forces of Khador:
  • Kommander Soarcha +5
  • Juggernaut 7
  • Destroyer 9
  • Iron Fang Pikemen (min) 5
  • Hammerfall High Shield Gun Corps (Min) 5 x2 = 10
  • Thor Steinhammer 2
  • Wodowmakers 4
  • Orgun Bokur 3

Forces of Cygnar:
  • Commander Coleman Stryker +6
  • Hammersmith 8
  • Defender 9
  • Sword Knights (full) 6
  • Trencher Infantry (supposed to min was max) 10
  • Long Gunner Infantry (min) 6
  • Journeyman Warcaster 3
  • Charger 4
Khador won to go first.
Khador 1

As you can see we are both running heavy at the bottom of the screen. With so many troops the dwarves not blocking his LOS really paid off.
Cygnar 1

Khador 2

Cygnar 2

Khador 3

Cygnar 3

Khador 4

Cygnar 4

Khador 5

Cygnar 5

End of Game
Well, it was a fun match. Couple things learned and a few questions raised.

Things learned:
  1. Khador Armor is nearly impossible to penetrate. I am buying Hunters for my Cygnar ASAP.
  2. Iron Fang's with Shield Wall order - see point #1.
  3. Mechanics are awesome. Thor was an after thought trying to find him enough points for a proper match. He easily made his points back.
  4. Sword Knights - good tarpit unit. No good trying to kill Tron Fangs. Needing a 9 on 2d6 to do 1 point of damage is HARD to get.
  5. Read your cards. I completely forgot to read the back of the Hammersmith and didn't get any Follow Up, Beat Back, or Chain Attack lovin.
  6. Charger w/ Journeyman - Good combo. 2 range 12 shots both boosted to hit and to damage. My single Charger killed all but one Widowmaker and 3 Iron Fang Pikemen. 8 point combo took out most of 9 points. Good trade.
Questions raised. If any of you more experienced folks can help please do!

  1. Can units charge without a charge order? The way we have been playing is that this is a NO as I can not find the specifics in the book. We just had to move into melee and swing away unboosted.
  2.  When firing into Melee do you roll to see if you hit all the models withing helee range of the target model Friend or Foe? I.E. there were two Iron Fang Pike Men in base to base hitting my Sword Knight. Did it have a chance to hit his other guy as well as mine if I missed the initial target? 


  1. #1) Prime MKII Page 72. First paragraph of Issuing Orders.
    #2) Prime MKII Page 58. See first example under Targeting A Model In Melee.

  2. Thanks for the reply PerfectCircle. #2 is answered perfectly, but my problem with orders is that it does not actually list the orders you can give. it just says that the unit commander can issue orders. Are these only the one printed on the cards or are there a list of generic orders? I am thinking its just Run and Charge. Everything else are special attacks. Thanks again!

  3. If an action is an order for a trooper, it's mentioned in the section of Prime concerning that action. As an example, on pg. 46, in the Movement section, there is a bullet point under Run, "a trooper must receive a run or charge order to run during it's normal movement..."
    The section on Charge has a similar line. so does Ride by Attack.
    hope that helps. :)

  4. oh and as a side note, "Ranked attacks" only works for Friendly Faction models. In the case of the Highshields, this means the only one who would have ben able to draw line of sight through them would have been Thor.
    Similarly, Thor can only repair Friendly Faction warjacks, meaning Khador 'jacks can't be the recipients of his tender lovin care. He can only repair Rhulic 'jacks.
    Those are simple mistakes to make. it happens to me all the time with upkeep spells. last weekend I put eSorsha's Shatterstorm on Kell Bailoch.
    It was pretty awesome... til i realized my mistake. :)

  5. As far as I know, units can only receive one order per activation. Common orders: Run, Charge, Shield Wall, Assault & Battery, Ride By, etc. So, no charging and shield wall, no running with shield wall, etc.

    I'm glad you finally got a game in!

  6. praetor has things right. Run and charge are generic orders. Anything else will be on a card.