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Monday, January 31, 2011

Like a Boy Scout... should always be prepared. Very early Saturday morning I got a call from my mother that she was sick and needed me to take her to the ER. Well, after spending the weekend at the hospital we at least have a diagnosis.
"How is this wargaming related Matt?" I hear you ask. Simple. Friday after work I stopped at my FLGS Top Deck Games to pick up the Cryx Forces book. Yeah, I managed to read the whole thing while waiting with her. Any other time and I would have found 5 billion other things to do besides read all the fluff. I have most of the other books and just about all I have read is the rules parts.

So also, as a side note - I probably will not have much time to update over the next week or so as I need to take care of my family over the next few days. But if all goes well, I should get some painting in as they are forecasting over 14" of snow on top of ice coming in tonight so I doubt I will be at work for the next few. So I will have lots to show when I get back I hope as painting is my relaxer.

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