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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Troll KSB - or Kreil Stone Bull$%@*

Ok, so I got in my Warstore order last night and included in my Hordes rulebook, Trollbloods faction book, and MKII cards was my Kreil Stone Bearer pack's (I ordered a full unit). While what I read about this unit I really liked and all the pictures I have seen they look very Scottish but I did not expect such trouble assembling them.

Anyone else have a massive gap running down the seam of the stone? Anyone else get in the two handed axe pieces that were bent AND twisted? I mean between the two packs, maybe 3 guys went together flawlessly. I will post a pic of the stone before I begin to trim and sand off the excess green stuff.

On a side note it looks like I will soon be the proud owner of a VERY large Cryx army. I am a regular on Bartertown (well silent, just looking person usually anyways) and I have a very large, rather old 40K Tyranid army I do not use or play with. Well, since he was looking for a tyranid army we got to negotiationg and worked out a deal. So much for my painted to unpainted ratio......

I will be receiving:

-Witch Coven

-3 Slayers (I checked, and there are three of these. One is painted badly.)
-2 Helldivers
-2 Nightwretches
-2 Defilers
-2 Deathrippers (checked on these as well)

-2 units of 6 Bane Thralls (no back banners)
-Withershadow Combine
-Full Satyxis with Sea Witch
-Full Mechanithralls with one Brute Thrall
-Full Bile Thralls
-Cephalyx Overlords (additional limbs on back unassembled, but complete & will be included)

-2 Necrotechs & 9 Scrap Thralls (it is 9 after all)
-Satyxis Raider Captain
-Bloat Thrall
-2 Pistol Wraiths

-Cryx MK2 Deck
(My army as shown in my original trade post, plus...)

-Kara Sloan
-2 Hunters
-10 Trencher Commandos
-Trencher Commando WA
-Herne & Jonne (no card)

Quite a nice haul (he's getting 5000+ points of nids) and we are both happy with the trade. I get a whole Cryx army, stuff I could really use (see hunters) for my Cygnar army, and the last piece I need for my Rhulic Army. Needless to say I am excited.

The problem I have been running into is I can't find a box. Almost all of the stuff I am offering is in Sabol foam trays and EVERY box I have brought home from work is either WAY to big, or so small I can't even fold over the cardboard tabs without leaving a huge gaps. Any suggestions would be awesome.

'Till later guys.


  1. I usually dont have a problem using the brown shipping boxes you can buy at Wal-Mart and they are not too expensive. I cannot remember the size, but I remember being able to actually fit the Sabol bag (full) comfortably in one of them.

  2. Wrap the sabol trays on bubble wrap - seal 'em up individually. It will add bulk to them. Use a box that's too big and just fill the extra space with newspaper or such.

    Gratz on the big haul! Be sure to get insurance on the boxes too - You do not want to be liable for loosing that much $$...