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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Good things come to those who wait...

.. or so they say. Sorry for the delay I even had more cool pictures I made playing with Photoshop. But, alas it was not to be. I got a call Thursday that there was an accident and my son was being taken to the hospital by my wife from school. It turns out there was a fight on the play ground and some little "darling" child was caught on video repeatedly stomping on my sons arm until he broke it.So, a few trips to the hospital, a heated discussion with the principal, and 1 day glow green cast later and my son is home. I stayed with him Friday and Patrick is such a trooper that while he lay in bed and I sat along side he wanted to watch me paint. What a trooper. So here are my efforts plus the "clear" shots of my teaser photo's.

I actually got him on the custom base but I had to strip him and redo it as the paint was quite a bit messy. I however can not take any credit what so ever for the base. But it was too cool to NOT salvage and use.

Next, we have Bruce Banner. And seriously, how could you NOT paint this guy green? I got two in the trade I did for these guys so I will do one in the traditional Blue - but as soon as I saw the model I couldn't help but think of the Hulk.

Now for the new stuff. Since most of the games I play are still at and about the 15pt range I thought I should paint up the battlebox (warpack for Hordes). First up the Warlock.

I was experimenting with the metalics - as I usually do not paint with them, but I LOVE the darker bronze color I picked up (still no black wash - sold out) so expect to see it more often.

Between the chickens at the belt and the pygmy in the satchel I love the Troll attitude. Silly but lethal looking.

Tried to do a mirror image of each other. on the skin tones. And just a few other differences in armor and metal colors.

Next we have the Axer.

Also, I worked a bit on some Cygnar/merc stuff I got in trade. I nearly finished Reinholdt.

And I started on a new Warcaster I got- Siege. He still needs quite a bit of work, and again - the base came this way I just stripped the paint off and am redoing it. He is coming along rather well I think.

As always, comments criticisms are always welcome - and encouraged.


  1. I love how you gave Hoarluk more ground clearance so he could hold up that monstrosity of a scroll. Wish I had seen your post before I assembled/primed mine.

  2. Nicely painted! I love the glyphs on the Impaler quivers. Well done! Sorry to hear about your son - hope he feels better!