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Monday, January 3, 2011

Still no game...

Well, my brother was supposed to come over to the house yesterday and play a game of Warmachine with me but he was a no show. So he called late and said he would be over tonight. Again a no show. So, instead I decided to lay out my warmachine on the table and take some pics of the ol' game room. You will also see what I got for christmas - almost 50points worth of Rhulic Mercs!!! All are assembled finally, and all but the ones I put together tonight are primed.

So enough yacking and on with the pics. So what could it possibly be why my little bro would not want to hang out in my man cave?

It has a 6'x4' modular Realm of Battle board, atleast 4' of space on each side for plenty of room. Lots of chairs, and plenty of cool refreshments on tap.

Finally, I went ahead and took a group shot of the whole dwarven force plus some decent shots of my two test 'jacks. I promised myself I would not finish them nor paint anymore until I finish my Cygnar stuff I already had.

And if any of you readers are anywhere near Tulsa, OK and fancy a game while passing through (or if you live near here) let me know. Door is almost always open.

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  1. I'm very jealous of your Man Cave. If I wasn't 16+ hours away in Virginia, I'd stop by! I like the green scheme for the Rhulic 'jacks - very militaristic which fits.